Is there a free app for drawing floor plans?

Are you looking for an easy way to draw floor plans? Look no further than RoomSketcher! Our free app makes it easy to draw floor plans for any space. Whether you’re a homeowner, interior designer, or real estate professional, RoomSketcher is the perfect tool for creating beautiful, detailed floor plans.

Get Started with RoomSketcher

RoomSketcher is a free app that makes it easy to draw floor plans. It works on Mac and Windows computers, as well as iPad and Android tablets. All you need to do is download the app and start drawing!

Features of RoomSketcher

RoomSketcher has a range of features that make it easy to draw floor plans. Here are some of the features that make RoomSketcher stand out:

* Easy to use drag-and-drop interface
* Hundreds of furniture and appliance symbols
* Accurate measurements
* 3D visualization
* Ability to add notes and annotations
* Ability to share floor plans with others

Draw Floor Plans in Minutes

With RoomSketcher, it’s easy to draw floor plans in minutes. You can quickly and easily create detailed floor plans that include measurements, furniture, and appliances. Plus, you can add notes and annotations to your floor plans, and even share them with others.

Get Started Today

Ready to get started? Download the RoomSketcher app today and start drawing floor plans! It’s free, easy to use, and you’ll be creating beautiful floor plans in no time.