What is the 70 30 rule in interior design?

If you’re looking to spruce up your home’s interior design, you may have heard of the 70/30 rule. This rule is a great way to add a touch of variety and interest to your space, while still keeping it cohesive and stylish. Here’s a closer look at what the 70/30 rule is and how you can use it to create a beautiful and balanced interior design.

What is the 70/30 Split in Interior Design?

The 70/30 rule is a simple way to divide a room into two distinct parts. The idea is to divide the room into a ratio of 70:30 and decorate 70% of the space with your anchor scheme and the other 30% in a different style (or styles), so you have a room that’s visually interesting.

For example, if you’re decorating a living room, you could use the 70/30 rule to choose a neutral color palette for the walls and furniture, and then use a bolder color for the accent pieces, such as throw pillows or a rug. This way, you can create a room that’s both stylish and comfortable.

How to Use the 70/30 Rule in Interior Design

Using the 70/30 rule in interior design is easy and straightforward. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

* Choose a color palette: Start by selecting a color palette for the room. This should be the main color that will be used throughout the space. This will be the 70% of the room.

* Add accent colors: Once you have your main color palette, you can then add accent colors to the other 30% of the room. These colors should be complementary to the main palette, but they should also be bold and eye-catching.

* Choose furniture and accessories: Now that you have your color palette in place, you can start choosing furniture and accessories that will fit into the overall design. Try to stick to the 70/30 rule when selecting pieces, so that the room looks balanced and cohesive.

* Add texture: Finally, add texture to the room to give it a finished look. This can be done with fabrics, rugs, and other textiles.

The Benefits of the 70/30 Rule

The 70/30 rule is a great way to create a balanced and stylish interior design. Here are some of the benefits of using this rule:

* It creates a visually interesting space: By combining two different styles in the same room, you can create a space that’s visually interesting and unique.

* It adds variety: Using the 70/30 rule allows you to add variety to the room without it looking too busy or cluttered.

* It’s easy to use: The 70/30 rule is easy to understand and implement, so you don’t have to be an interior design expert to use it.


The 70/30 rule is a great way to create a stylish and balanced interior design. By dividing the room into two distinct parts and decorating 70% of the space with your anchor scheme and the other 30% in a different style, you can create a room that’s visually interesting and unique. So why not give the 70/30 rule a try and see what kind of results you can get?