Did BTS draw their BT21 characters?

Did BTS Draw Their BT21 Characters?

The South Korean boy band BTS has become a global phenomenon, with their music, performances, and style inspiring millions of fans around the world. As part of their success, the group has created their own line of merchandise, including a set of cartoon characters known as BT21. These characters are representations of each member of BTS, with the guys taking part in the whole process of creating their own characters.

How Did BTS Create Their BT21 Characters?

BTS got to draw their own sketches for their characters, instead of the usual process of having them designed originally by artists. The members of BTS were given a set of guidelines and then allowed to come up with their own designs. Each member of the group was given a set of colors to work with and a theme to focus on. After they had finished their sketches, the designs were then sent to the production team who brought them to life.

What Do the BT21 Characters Represent?

Each of the BT21 characters is based on a different member of BTS. The characters are designed to represent the individual personalities of each member, with each character having its own unique look and style. The characters also represent the values of the group, such as friendship, unity, and self-expression.

What Other Merchandise Is Available?

The BT21 characters have become so popular that they have spawned a range of merchandise, including plush toys, t-shirts, mugs, and other items. Fans can also purchase official BT21 merchandise from the BTS website, as well as from various online stores.


The BT21 characters are a unique way for BTS to express themselves and their values to their fans. By taking part in the design process, the members of BTS were able to create characters that truly represent them and their personalities. The characters have become so popular that they have spawned a range of merchandise, allowing fans to show their support for the group in a fun and creative way.

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