How do authors design characters?

How Do Authors Design Characters?

Creating compelling characters is one of the most important elements of writing a successful novel. A well-crafted character can be the difference between a book that is simply read and one that is remembered. Here are some tips on how authors design characters:


Every character needs a goal. This could be a physical goal, such as finding a lost treasure, or an emotional goal, such as finding love. A character’s goal should be clear and should drive the plot forward.


In order for a character to achieve their goal, they must overcome obstacles. These obstacles can be physical, such as a raging river, or emotional, such as a lack of self-confidence. Obstacles should be challenging but not insurmountable.


Conflict is essential to any story. It can be between two characters, such as a rivalry, or between a character and their environment, such as a storm at sea. Conflict should be unpredictable and exciting.


Readers need to be able to relate to a character in order to connect with them. Writers can make characters relatable by giving them flaws, fears, and desires. These should be believable and realistic.


Creating characters is an important part of writing a successful novel. Writers should give their characters clear goals, challenging obstacles, and exciting conflict. They should also make their characters relatable by giving them flaws, fears, and desires. By following these tips, authors can create characters that readers will remember.

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