How do I activate glyphs?

How to Activate Glyphs

Glyphs are powerful magical symbols that can be applied to abilities to enhance their effects. Applying a glyph to an ability is a simple process, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Here’s how to activate glyphs:

• Right-click the glyph in your inventory to use it. This will automatically open the spellbook, where the target spell will light up.

• Click the lit-up spell to apply the glyph. The glyph will be applied to the ability and the spellbook will close.

• An ability that has a glyph applied to it will be marked in the spellbook with a pink mark on its corner. This will help you remember which abilities have glyphs applied to them.

• You can remove a glyph from an ability by right-clicking the pink mark on the corner of the spell. This will remove the glyph from the ability and return it to your inventory.

• Glyphs can be applied to any ability, but some abilities may not be compatible with certain glyphs. Be sure to check the tooltip of the glyph to make sure it is compatible with the ability you are trying to apply it to.

• Keep in mind that glyphs can only be applied to abilities that are already unlocked. You cannot apply a glyph to an ability that has not yet been unlocked.

• Glyphs can be used to customize your abilities and make them more powerful. Experiment with different combinations of glyphs and abilities to find the perfect combination for your playstyle.

• Remember that glyphs are a one-time use item and cannot be reused. Once you have applied a glyph to an ability, it will be consumed and cannot be used again.

• Glyphs can be purchased from merchants or found as loot in dungeons and other areas. Be sure to keep an eye out for glyphs as you explore the world.

• Finally, keep in mind that some glyphs are more powerful than others. Be sure to read the tooltip of each glyph to find out how powerful it is before applying it to an ability.

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