How do I make my poster accessible?

How to Make My Poster Accessible

Making a poster accessible to all participants is an important part of creating a successful event. Here are some tips to ensure that your poster is accessible to everyone:

#1 Use Large, Bold, Sans Serif Fonts on Plain Backgrounds

Using large, bold, sans serif fonts on plain backgrounds is a great way to make your poster accessible. Sans serif fonts are easier to read than serif fonts, and large, bold fonts are easier to read than small, thin fonts. Additionally, using a plain background helps to ensure that the text stands out and is easy to read.

#2 Provide Adequate White Space, Avoid Clutter, and Visually Highlight Sections

When designing your poster, make sure to provide adequate white space, avoid clutter, and visually highlight sections with borders, colored headings, and white space. This will help to ensure that the poster is easy to read and understand.

#3 Share a Concise Description of the Major Points

Finally, it is important to share with participants a concise description of the major points in the content of the poster. This will help to ensure that everyone understands the message of the poster and can access the information.

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