How do you cite an infographic picture?

How to Cite an Infographic Picture

Citing an infographic picture is similar to citing any other visual artwork. It is important to provide all the necessary information to properly credit the artist and source.

h2: Include Artist’s Name

The artist’s name should be included in the citation. If the artist is unknown, cite the creator of the work as “Anonymous.”

h2: Title of Work

The title of the work should be included in the citation and italicized. If the work does not have a title, provide a brief description of the work.

h2: Date

Include the date the work was created. If the exact date is unknown, provide an approximate date or the date range in which the work was created.

h2: Medium

Include the medium in which the work was created. This could include materials such as oil paint, pencil, clay, etc.

h2: Measurements

Include the measurements of the work. This could include the size of the canvas, the size of the sculpture, etc.

h2: Institution

Include the institution which houses the work. This could be a museum, gallery, library, etc.

h2: Source

Include the source the image came from, preceded by a statement which declares the source (for example “In;” or “Source:” or “Available from:”).

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