How do you cite sources for an infographic?

(Year). Description of infographic. PDF file.

How to Cite an Infographic

Citing an infographic is an important part of academic writing, as it allows you to give credit to the original creator of the work. Here is a guide on how to cite an infographic using the MLA format.

H2: MLA Format Template

When citing an infographic in MLA format, use the following template:

Creator Last Name, Creator First Name. “Title of Infographic.” Publication Date. Website Title, URL.

H3: If No Title

If the infographic does not have an official title, provide a description of it in place of the title.

H3: Linking to a PDF

If you link directly to a PDF of the infographic, it is usually sufficient to cite the PDF as a standalone work and not one contained by the website hosting the link:

Infographic. (Year). Description of infographic. PDF file.

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