How do you make custom letters on Cricut?

How to Make Custom Letters on Cricut

Cricut is a powerful cutting machine that allows you to create custom letters and designs with ease. With the Cricut Text Tool, you can create beautiful and unique letters for any project. Here’s how to make custom letters on Cricut.

Creating Text with the Cricut Text Tool

DESKTOP: To create text, click Text in the Design Panel on the left and a text box labeled “Text” will appear on your Canvas. Double click the text box and start typing. Once you have a text box, you’ll also see a new menu appear at the top of Design Space.

* Choose a font from the Font drop-down menu.
* Select a size for your text from the Size drop-down menu.
* Adjust the tracking and kerning of your text using the Tracking and Kerning sliders.
* Change the color of your text using the Color Picker.
* Adjust the alignment of your text using the Align buttons.
* Add a shadow or outline to your text using the Shadow and Outline buttons.

Adding Custom Text to Your Design

Once you’ve created your text, you can add it to your design. To do this, click and drag the text box onto your canvas. You can then resize and rotate the text box to fit your design.

You can also add special effects to your text. To do this, click on the text box and select the Effects tab in the top menu. Here, you can add shadows, outlines, and other effects to your text.

Cutting Your Text

Once you’ve added your text to your design, you’re ready to cut it. To do this, click the Make It button in the top right corner of Design Space. This will open the Cut Settings window. Here, you can select the material you’re cutting and adjust the cut settings.

When you’re ready, click the Continue button and your text will be cut. Once it’s finished, you can remove the text from the mat and enjoy your custom letters.

Making custom letters on Cricut is easy and fun. With the Cricut Text Tool, you can create beautiful and unique letters for any project. So, get creative and start making custom letters today!

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