How do you unlock Red She Hulk?

How to Unlock Red She-Hulk in Fortnite

Red She-Hulk is a unique skin in Fortnite that can be unlocked by completing certain tasks. Here’s how to get the Red She-Hulk skin in Fortnite:

Step 1: Unlock Jennifer Walters

The first step to unlocking Red She-Hulk is to unlock the regular Jennifer Walters skin. To do this, you must reach tier 22 in the Battle Pass.

Step 2: Reach Tier 29

Once you have unlocked Jennifer Walters, you must then reach tier 29 in the Battle Pass. This will unlock the Gamma Overload emote.

Step 3: Complete Awakening Challenges

The final step to unlocking Red She-Hulk is to complete all of the character’s Awakening Challenges. These challenges will require you to complete various tasks, such as defeating opponents, collecting items, and more. Once you have completed all of the challenges, you will unlock the Red She-Hulk skin.

Congratulations! You have now unlocked the Red She-Hulk skin in Fortnite. Enjoy your new skin and show it off to your friends!

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