How do you use a floral binding wire?

Using a floral binding wire is an essential step in creating beautiful flower arrangements. A floral binding wire is a thin, flexible wire that is used to secure flowers and foliage together in an arrangement. The most common type of floral binding wire is 24-gauge wire, which is strong enough to hold the stems together without damaging them.

To use a floral binding wire, start by piercing the stem of the flower just below the calyx. This is the green part of the flower that surrounds the petals. For larger or heavier blooms, you may need to insert a second wire just below the first. Once the wire is in place, bend the wire ends down to meet the natural stem and trim the natural stem to about 1 inch (2.5 cm) long.

Next, wrap the wire around the stems of the flowers and foliage, making sure to keep the wire tight. Make sure to leave some slack in the wire so that the stems can move freely in the arrangement. When you’re finished, twist the ends of the wire together to secure the stems in place.

Using a floral binding wire is an easy way to create beautiful and secure flower arrangements. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your arrangements stay together and look great.