How should I layout my portfolio?

How to Layout Your Portfolio

Creating a portfolio is an important step in showcasing your work and skills to potential employers and clients. It’s essential to get the layout of your portfolio right, so that you can make the best impression. Here are 8 things to consider when laying out your portfolio:

Present Your Work as a Case Study

Presenting your work as a case study is a great way to showcase your skills and demonstrate the impact of your work. Explain the project, the goals, the process, and the results. Showing the results of your work is a great way to demonstrate your capabilities.

Carefully Curate Your Portfolio

Carefully curate your portfolio to show the best of your work. Don’t include every project you’ve ever done, but instead focus on the projects that best showcase your skills and experience.

Showcase Real-World Work, Even if it’s Got Problems

Showcase real-world work, even if it has problems. Showing the process of how you solved a problem is a great way to demonstrate your skills and experience.

Less Design Exercises

Design exercises are great for practice, but they don’t always demonstrate your skills in a real-world context. Try to focus on projects that show your ability to solve real-world problems.

Talk About Results

When showcasing your work, don’t just talk about the process. Talk about the results of your work and how it impacted the project.

Make Your Portfolio Easy to Navigate

Make sure your portfolio is easy to navigate. Use clear headings and labels, and make sure the structure is logical and easy to follow.

Do Your Research, and Write Sincerely

Do your research and write sincerely about your work. Don’t just copy and paste job descriptions, but instead write in your own words about the projects you’ve worked on.

Let Your Passion Show

Let your passion show through your portfolio. Showcase the projects that you’re most proud of, and let your enthusiasm shine through.

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