How to create a MetaHuman for ue4?

How to Create a MetaHuman for Unreal Engine 4.26+

Creating a MetaHuman in Unreal Engine 4.26+ is a simple and straightforward process. Follow these steps to get started:

Open the Quixel Bridge Application

The first step is to open the Quixel Bridge application. This application is used to access the MetaHumans library and generate assets for use in Unreal Engine.

Click the MetaHumans Filter in the Sidebar

Once the Quixel Bridge application is open, click the MetaHumans filter in the sidebar. This will open the MetaHumans library, where you can browse and select the MetaHuman you want to generate assets for.

Click Any MetaHuman

Once you have opened the MetaHumans library, click any MetaHuman to view its details. You can view the MetaHuman’s features, animations, and other details before you decide to generate assets for it.

Select the Level of Quality for the MetaHuman’s Assets

Once you have selected a MetaHuman, you can select the level of quality for the MetaHuman’s assets you want to generate and download. This will determine the resolution and quality of the assets you will generate.

Click the Settings Button, Then Select Download Settings

Once you have selected the level of quality for the MetaHuman’s assets, click the Settings button, then select Download Settings. This will open the Download Settings window, where you can select the file format, resolution, and other settings for the assets you will generate.

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