How to make a creepy image?

9 Tricks to Add Spookiness, Moodiness, & Mystery to Your Photos

Trick #1: Shadows, Shadows, and More Shadows

Adding shadows to your photo can instantly add a spooky vibe. Try shooting your subject in a room with a single light source, or outdoors with the sun at a low angle. This will create deep shadows and add a mysterious atmosphere to your photo.

Trick #2: Find the Brightest Spot in the Room/Yard

Look for the brightest spot in the room or yard and have your subject stand there. This will create a stark contrast between the subject and the background, making the photo look more eerie.

Trick #3: Skew Your White Balance

By skewing your white balance, you can make your photo look unnatural and eerie. Try setting your white balance to a cooler temperature or a warmer temperature to give your photo a creepy feel.

Trick #4: Block the Eyes

One of the most effective ways to make a photo look creepy is to block the eyes of the subject. This can be done by having the subject look away from the camera, or by using a prop to block the eyes.

Trick #5: Add a Little Tilt

Adding a slight tilt to your photo can make it look more off-kilter and eerie. Try tilting the camera slightly to the left or right to give your photo a spooky feel.

Trick #6: Have the Subject Look Out of the Frame

Having the subject look out of the frame can add a sense of mystery and suspense to your photo. Try having the subject look away from the camera, or out of the frame, to add a creepy vibe to your photo.

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