Is character design a major?

Is Character Design a Major?

Character design is a major that combines elements of graphic design, illustration, and animation. It is a growing field that is becoming increasingly popular as the demand for multimedia content continues to rise. Character design majors learn the fundamentals of graphic design, illustration, and animation, as well as the principles of storytelling and character development.

What You’ll Learn as a Character Design Major

* Developing creative concepts and storyboards
* Understanding the fundamentals of character design
* Creating characters with distinct personalities
* Designing characters for animation and video games
* Utilizing various software programs for character design
* Understanding the principles of animation
* Creating 3D models and textures

As a character design major, you’ll have access to cutting-edge course content as well as the opportunity to complete a practicum and an internship in a graphic design setting. You’ll also study under faculty who have advanced degrees and years of experience in the digital design field.

What Can You Do With a Character Design Degree?

A degree in character design can open up a variety of career paths, including animation, video game design, graphic design, and illustration. Character designers can work in a variety of industries, from film and television to advertising and video game development. Character designers are also in high demand in the entertainment industry, where they create memorable characters for movies, television shows, and video games.

Character design is a rapidly growing field, and with the right degree and experience, you can find a job in the creative industry. With a degree in character design, you can pursue a career in animation, video game design, graphic design, or illustration.

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