Should floral arrangements be symmetrical?

That can create a beautiful balance,” he explains.

When it comes to floral arrangements, symmetry is often the goal. However, balance can be just as pleasing to the eye and visually impactful. Graham, a professional florist, suggests that balance can be achieved without having to create a perfectly symmetrical arrangement.

For example, a floral arrangement can have all lilies on one side, but have large-headed roses on the other. This can create a beautiful balance without having to worry about symmetry. Additionally, using different colors and textures can also help to create a balanced arrangement.

Balance is also important when it comes to the size of the flowers in the arrangement. Graham suggests using larger flowers as the focal point and then using smaller flowers to fill in the gaps. This will create a balanced look without having to worry about symmetry.

Finally, it’s important to remember that balance is more important than symmetry when it comes to floral arrangements. Symmetry can be nice, but it’s not necessary to create a beautiful and visually impactful arrangement. Balance is key, and it can be achieved without having to worry about symmetry.