What are the advantages of Character Map?

Advantages of Character Map

Character Map is a useful tool for both authors and students that allows them to easily insert special characters into their questions and responses. It is an efficient way to add characters without having to use a keyboard. Here are some of the advantages of using Character Map:

Easy to Use

Character Map is incredibly easy to use. All the user needs to do is click on the Character Map icon, select the desired character, and click “Insert”. This makes it much simpler than having to type out the character manually.


Character Map saves time by eliminating the need to type out the character manually. This is especially useful for authors who need to quickly add special characters to their questions.


Character Map is accessible to all users, regardless of their typing skills. This makes it an ideal tool for students who may not be comfortable typing out special characters.

Variety of Characters

Character Map offers a wide variety of characters, from mathematical symbols to currency symbols. This makes it easy to find the exact character the user needs.


Character Map is incredibly convenient, as it is available within Learnosity’s platform. This means that users do not need to open a separate program to access the characters.

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