What are three 3 ways authors develop character?

Three Ways Authors Develop Character

Developing characters is an essential part of any story. It is the characters that draw readers in and make them care about the story. Authors use a variety of techniques to create characters that readers can relate to and root for. Here are three of the most common ways authors develop character:


Narration is the author’s description of the character’s physical and psychological traits. Through narration, the author can give readers a detailed description of the character’s appearance, personality, and motivations. This allows readers to form a mental image of the character and get to know them better.


Dialogue is the conversations between characters. Through dialogue, readers can learn more about the characters’ personalities, values, and relationships with other characters. Dialogue also helps to move the story forward and provide insight into the characters’ motivations.

Interaction with Other Characters

The way a character interacts with other characters in the story can reveal a lot about their personality and values. Through these interactions, readers can get a better understanding of the character’s motivations and how they relate to other characters.

Developing characters is an important part of writing a story. By using narration, dialogue, and interaction with other characters, authors can create characters that readers can relate to and root for. This is essential for creating a story that readers will enjoy and remember.

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