What decade was floral?

The 1960s was a decade that was heavily influenced by the Flower Power movement and the hippie style. The movement began in the United States in the mid-1960s and quickly spread around the world. It was a time of social and political upheaval, and the hippie style was a way of expressing rebellion against the status quo.

The hippie style was characterized by bright colors, loose-fitting clothing, and lots of floral prints. Floral prints were particularly popular during this time, and they were often seen on dresses, shirts, and accessories. The bright colors and patterns of the floral prints were seen as a symbol of freedom and a rejection of traditional fashion norms.

The floral trend of the 1960s was heavily influenced by the psychedelic art movement of the time. Psychedelic art was characterized by bright colors, abstract shapes, and distorted images. These images were often used to create psychedelic-inspired floral prints, which were then used to create clothing and accessories.

The floral trend of the 1960s was not only seen in clothing and accessories, but also in home decor. Floral wallpaper, curtains, and furniture were all popular during this time. Floral patterns were also used to decorate cars, buses, and vans, which were popular among the hippie crowd.

The floral trend of the 1960s was a reflection of the social and political upheaval of the time. It was a way for people to express their freedom and reject traditional norms. The trend has since become a timeless classic, and floral prints are still popular today.