What does an animator do in game design?

What Does a Games Animator Do?

A games animator is responsible for bringing characters and objects to life in a video game. Animators take the objects created by 2D and 3D artists and make them move, adding personality, emotion and realism to the game.

Key Responsibilities of a Games Animator

  • Create the movements for characters and vehicles based on the designer’s storyboard.
  • Animate objects to make them appear more realistic.
  • Create special effects for characters and objects.
  • Work with designers to ensure that the animation is consistent with the game’s design.
  • Ensure that the animation is optimized for the game’s platform.
  • Work with the audio team to ensure that the animation is synchronized with the game’s sound effects.
  • Test the animation to ensure that it meets the game’s standards.

A games animator must have a strong understanding of animation principles and techniques, as well as a good eye for detail. They must also be able to work well with other members of the game development team, such as designers, programmers and audio engineers.

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