What foliage to use in bouquets?

When it comes to creating beautiful bouquets, the foliage you choose can be just as important as the flowers. Whether you’re creating bouquets for a large venue or a small, homegrown arrangement, there are a variety of foliage options to choose from.

In the springtime, try adding hazel to your bouquets. Hazel has a beautiful, delicate look that can add a softness to any arrangement. Oak is a great choice for summer bouquets, adding a lush, full look to the arrangement.

As autumn approaches, you can add delicate birch and beautiful shining beech to your bouquets. These foliage options will add a warm, autumnal feel to your bouquets. For winter bouquets, traditional holly and ivy are a great choice. Mature ivy also features gorgeous plump berries, which can add a festive touch to any arrangement.

No matter what season it is, there are plenty of foliage options to choose from when creating beautiful bouquets. With the right combination of foliage and flowers, you can create stunning arrangements for any occasion.