What is Light Fury’s name?

What is Light Fury’s Name?

The Light Fury is a beautiful, white dragon featured in the 2019 movie, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. She is the female counterpart to Toothless, the Night Fury, and the two become mates. Despite being a major character in the movie, the Light Fury was never given a name.

Why Wasn’t Light Fury Given a Name?

The Light Fury was never given a name in the movie, leaving many fans to wonder why. It’s possible that the filmmakers wanted to leave the Light Fury’s name up to the audience’s imagination. It’s also possible that they wanted to keep the focus on Toothless and the relationship between him and the Light Fury.

What Can We Call the Light Fury?

It’s strange to think of the couple as Toothless and “just The Light Fury”. Fans have come up with a variety of names for the Light Fury, such as Luna, Star, or Snow. Others have suggested names based on the Light Fury’s physical characteristics, such as Snowflake, Whiteheart, or Crystal.

Final Thoughts

The Light Fury is an important character in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise, and it’s a shame that she wasn’t given a name in the movie. Fans have come up with a variety of names for the Light Fury, and it’s up to the audience to decide which one they like best.

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