What is the cross piercing method in floral design?

The cross piercing method is a technique used in floral design to support heavier flower heads. It is similar to the piercing technique, but it requires two wires instead of one. The wires are inserted into the calyx of the flower in two directions, crossing over each other in an imaginary X. This technique helps to provide extra support for the flower head, allowing it to be displayed in a more secure and attractive way.

To use the cross piercing method, the first wire is inserted horizontally into the calyx in one direction. Both ends of the wire should be extended equally, so that the wire is held securely in place. The second wire is then inserted into the calyx in the opposite direction, crossing over the first wire in an X shape. This creates a strong and secure base for the flower head, allowing it to be displayed without fear of it falling or drooping.

The cross piercing method is a great way to add extra support to heavier flower heads, allowing them to be displayed in a secure and attractive way. It is a simple technique that requires minimal effort, but can make a big difference in the overall appearance of a floral arrangement.