What is the difference between Kurzgesagt and infographics show?

Kurzgesagt vs. Infographics Show

Kurzgesagt and Infographics Show are two popular video content creators that are known for their educational and entertaining videos. While both of these channels have a similar goal of making complex topics more accessible to the general public, there are some key differences between them. Here are some of the main differences between Kurzgesagt and Infographics Show:

Frequency of Uploads

Kurzgesagt may not upload frequently, while The Infographics Show uploads videos more often.

Depth of Content

Kurzgesagt attempts to explain complex topics in some depth, but in a format that is accessible to non-specialist audiences. The Infographics Show, on the other hand, explains briefly more general but various topics.

Style of Videos

Kurzgesagt videos typically feature animated characters and use a narrative style to explain topics. The Infographics Show videos are usually more visual, featuring graphs, charts, and other visuals to explain topics.


Kurzgesagt is more popular among adults, while The Infographics Show is more popular among children and teenagers.

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