What is the word for beautiful in a scary way?

What is the Word for Beautiful in a Scary Way?

The word for something that is beautiful yet scary is “wynorrific”. It is used to describe something that is visually beautiful, but has a terrible or horrific characteristic that makes it scary.

What Does “Wynorrific” Mean?

“Wynorrific” is a portmanteau of the words “wyn” and “terrific”. “Wyn” is an old English word that means “beautiful” or “pleasing”. “Terrific” means “causing terror or fear”. Therefore, when something is “wynorrific”, it is both beautiful and terrifying.

Examples of “Wynorrific”

* A beautiful, but dangerous animal such as a lion or a tiger
* A breathtakingly tall skyscraper that is also a bit frightening
* A stunningly detailed horror movie
* A gorgeous yet eerie painting
* A magnificent but spooky castle

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