What is wood & steel picks used for in floral design?

Wood and steel picks are a great tool for floral design. They are used to add strength, length and control to heavy flowers when you place them into the foam base of an arrangement. This is especially helpful when arranging large, heavy flowers, such as roses or hydrangeas.

Using wood and steel picks is easy. To use them, simply wrap the picks to the stem of the flowers, bows, or other floral embellishments. This gives them sturdy stems for inserting into any centerpiece. The picks also help to keep the flowers in place and prevent them from drooping.

Wood and steel picks are also useful for creating a cascading effect in an arrangement. By attaching the picks to the stems of the flowers, you can create a waterfall of flowers that looks beautiful. The picks also make it easier to arrange the flowers in the foam base, as they provide extra support.

Wood and steel picks are a great tool for any floral designer. They are easy to use and provide extra support for heavy flowers, allowing you to create beautiful arrangements. With the help of wood and steel picks, you can create stunning centerpieces that will be sure to impress.