What makes a character design stand out?

What Makes a Character Design Stand Out?

Character design is an essential part of any story, whether it’s a film, video game, comic book, or novel. A well-designed character can help draw in an audience and make them more invested in the story. But what makes a character design stand out?


The silhouette of a character is the outline of the character’s body and features. It’s the first thing a viewer will notice, and it’s important for conveying the character’s personality and identity. A good silhouette should be distinct and recognizable, and it should also be able to convey the character’s emotions and intentions.


The color palette of a character is also important for conveying their identity. Bright, vibrant colors can be used to make a character stand out, while muted colors can be used to make a character more subtle. The colors should also be chosen to reflect the character’s personality and the tone of the story.


Exaggeration is a key component of character design. By exaggerating certain features, a character designer can make a character more memorable and unique. Exaggeration can also be used to emphasize certain aspects of a character’s personality, such as their strength or intelligence.

These three elements – silhouette, palette, and exaggeration – are essential for creating a memorable character design. By paying attention to these elements, a character designer can create a character that stands out and resonates with viewers.

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