What should a designer portfolio include?

What Should a Designer Portfolio Include?

A designer portfolio is a critical tool for showcasing a designer’s skills and experience. It should be tailored to the designer’s individual style and strengths, and should include a variety of pieces that demonstrate the designer’s capabilities.


A designer portfolio should include a concisely written introduction that provides brief context on the designer and included material. This introduction should provide a brief overview of the designer’s background, experience, and skills. It should also explain the types of projects the designer has worked on and the types of clients they have served.

Case Studies

Some portfolios highlight three to five samples as case studies. This approach allows designers to provide more details about how they approached the projects from start to finish. It also allows them to demonstrate their problem-solving skills and how they were able to develop creative solutions to meet their clients’ needs.

Design Process

Designers should also include a section that outlines their design process. This should include information on how they conduct research, generate ideas, and develop prototypes. It should also explain how they collaborate with other stakeholders and use feedback to refine their designs.


Designers should also include a selection of samples that demonstrate their range of skills. This could include logo designs, illustrations, web designs, and other pieces that showcase their creative abilities.


Testimonials from past clients can be a great way to demonstrate the designer’s ability to deliver quality work. These should be brief and provide an overview of the project and the client’s experience working with the designer.

Contact Information

Finally, designers should include contact information so potential clients can easily get in touch. This should include the designer’s website, email address, and social media profiles.

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