What symbols are special characters?

What are Special Characters?

Special characters are symbols, accent marks, punctuation marks, ASCII control characters, and formatting characters that are not considered numbers or letters. They are used to add emphasis, create visual interest, and make text easier to read.

Types of Special Characters

* Symbols: Symbols are visual representations of ideas or concepts. They can be used to add emphasis or to convey a message without using words. Examples of symbols include the dollar sign ($), the asterisk (*), and the hashtag (#).

* Accent Marks: Accent marks are used to indicate pronunciation or stress in a word. Examples of accent marks include the acute accent (´), the grave accent (`), and the circumflex (^).

* Punctuation Marks: Punctuation marks are used to separate sentences and phrases, and to indicate pauses and emphasis. Examples of punctuation marks include the period (.), the comma (,), and the question mark (?).

* ASCII Control Characters: ASCII control characters are used to control the formatting of text. Examples of ASCII control characters include the carriage return (CR) and the line feed (LF).

* Formatting Characters: Formatting characters are used to create visual interest in text. Examples of formatting characters include the paragraph mark (¶) and the em dash (—).

Special characters are an important part of any written language, and they can be used to create visual interest and make text easier to read. Understanding the different types of special characters and how to use them can help make your writing more effective.

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