Who draws JoJo character?

Who Draws JoJo Characters?

Hirohiko Araki: The Creator of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Hirohiko Araki is a manga artist in Japan best known for his ongoing work and magnum opus, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, which began publishing in 1986 but debuted in the early 1980s. Araki is the sole creator of the series, writing and illustrating all of the manga himself. He is also the creator of several other manga series, including Baoh, Cool Shock B.T., and Steel Ball Run.

Unique Art Style

Araki’s art style is highly recognizable, with its bold lines and exaggerated facial expressions. He often uses bright colors and dramatic poses to create a unique and exciting atmosphere. His characters are often drawn with a unique “sparkle” effect, which gives them a distinct look. Araki’s art style has become so iconic that it has been used in various anime adaptations of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.


Araki has cited a variety of influences on his work, including classic manga such as Astro Boy and Kinnikuman, as well as Western comics such as The Adventures of Tintin and The Incredible Hulk. He has also been influenced by various films, such as the works of Akira Kurosawa and Sergio Leone.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is Araki’s most famous work, and it has become a cultural phenomenon in Japan. The series follows the adventures of the Joestar family, a group of heroes with supernatural powers. The series is known for its over-the-top action sequences, its unique characters, and its imaginative story arcs. The series has been adapted into several anime series, as well as a live-action film.


Hirohiko Araki has become one of the most influential manga artists in Japan, and his work has been highly praised by fans and critics alike. His unique art style and imaginative stories have made Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure one of the most popular manga series of all time. Araki’s influence can be seen in many other manga series, and his work continues to inspire new generations of manga artists.

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