Who is the traitor in Designated Survivor?

Who is the Traitor in Designated Survivor?

Jay Whitaker is the traitor in Designated Survivor. He is a former U.S Homeland Security Advisor and the former second-in-command of the True Believers.

Jay Whitaker’s Role in the White House

Jay Whitaker was the individual who hacked the White House and inserted the false confession to the Capitol Bombing by Majid Nassar into their computers. He was also responsible for the attack on the White House, which resulted in the death of President Richmond and the destruction of the Capitol Building.

Jay Whitaker’s Appearance

Jay Whitaker is a Caucasian male with short, dark brown hair. He has a medium build and is usually seen wearing a suit and tie.

Jay Whitaker’s Motives

Jay Whitaker was motivated by a desire to avenge the death of his father, who was killed in the Capitol bombing. He was also motivated by a desire to protect the True Believers, a terrorist organization he was a part of. He believed that by framing Majid Nassar for the bombing, he would be able to protect the True Believers from being exposed.

Jay Whitaker’s Fate

Jay Whitaker was eventually apprehended by the FBI and sentenced to life in prison. He was also stripped of his security clearance and barred from ever working in the government again.

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